Monday, April 16, 2012

Werelse for Mango Touch

It has been two days since this beautiful collection has been released. And I know that it was eagerly expected from everybody who is passionate about fashion as I am.

Leather envelope handbag, Ankle strap wedges and Buckle leather bracelet

This is project from the lovely ChiaraAndy and Carolina and their relatively new brand Werelse in collaboration with Mango. The pieces in the collection are so beautiful and chick  They have added the fluo touch because it is so modern this season.  I would wear every piece from this collection, but if I must decide for a favorites i would go for the Ankle strap wedges, Fluo messenger bag and the Leather envelope handbag. Looks like i want at least one third of the collection, but what can i do :). I'm little(but only a little) disappointed since they are not in every Mango store, only in selected stores which list you can find here. But the good thing is that it can be delivered worldwide if it's ordered from Werelse. Take a look at the rest of the collection.

Contrast asymmetric leather pumps, Fluo messenger handbag and Fluorescent iPhone case

Silver shopper handbag, Silver laptop case and Silver loafers

All the pictures above are taken from the blog 


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  3. I love those simple things.!
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  4. Great stuff, I love black handbag :)

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  6. Omiljene su mi ove sa fluo stiklom :D

  7. Great collections I love the first second sets!
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  8. This looks awesome!!!!


  9. Ugh. This makes me so depressed that I don't live near a Mango, but I guess I can head to the Weirese website , so good news! (not for my wallet) So much about this collection is fantastic, and I'm loving the Contrast asymmetric leather pumps. Those heels!

    Also a huge fan of the heels in the first pick: nothing like a good ankle strap.

    Love how you said you want 1/3 of collection hahah . Welcome to my life.


  10. Love the bright yellow pieces! They're stunning!