Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trend Alert {Mule Shoes}

Friday, March 28, 2014

Win £90 Skinade products

Skinade are holding an onsite competition where entrants could WIN 30 days of Skinade, worth £90, by simply filling in the few fields onsite HERE.

Skinade – a professional product that works from the inside out.
The beauty industry is changing – extensive research over the past ten years has given rise to a new 
generation of skincare.
Traditional skincare products only target the surface of the skin. Skinade works from within to prevent the 
ageing process at a deeper level. Skinade is the latest innovation in the nutricosmetics industry offering the 
benefits of ‘beauty from within’. At Skinade, we believe that better skin comes from within. 
Our scientifically formulated collagen drink repairs and strengthens skin from the inside for younger, 
healthier and better looking skin on the outside. Skinade’s unique patent-pending formula also promotes 
stronger hair and nails and many consumers report improvements in certain skin conditions.

So If you want to get your hand on this skin-drink, go on to the site HERE and fill in the survey in literally 2 seconds and you are in the run to win  Skinade products worth of £90.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Classy Me

In the spirit of the wedding and bridesmaids inspiration posts I'm posting lately, here is a post of me actually wearing a dress like that.
This magnificent black classy dress I got few days back from Oasap, I'm planning on wearing to my cousin's wedding in May. I know, I like to prepare early. 
The dress is so perfect I couldn't believe the quality compared to the price I payed. And when I'll tell you the price you are gonna faint, so hold on, it is only $34.
Yeah that is right, are you still there? :)
So hop on to the site and get this dress, it is perfect for the upcoming celebratory season, and you are gonna look fabulous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt

Botticelli’s Venus Sweatshirt you have never seen before!

On 1am 20th March GMT,

Color Wedding Dresses

Hi dolls.
As the wedding season is coming I thought I talk to you about some inspirations I have for wedding dresses.
Looking for the perfect wedding dress is quite a challenge, since all of us want to find the ONE.
I'm in love with white Cinderella wedding dresses, but every once in a while, I think what about something more on the "wild" side. What about a Colored Wedding Dress?
This is a great idea if you do not have a traditional wedding, than why your dress should be?
I'm not saying to go that wild, but something like colored collar, or some colored embroidery is a really an idea to think about. A little can go a long way.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Under the Trainstation

Spring weather is back again, after a cold rainy week, and I feel like a flower blooming under the sun.
I'm one of "those" people that need sun to work/live/be better :).
The sunny weather allowed me to wear this silky pants I'm totally in love with, with some white shirt and my favorite shoes. The coat was still needed for the late hours, when it gets cold again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Empire waist formal dress

With the Oscars being all around the media, you find yourself thinking about those brilliant empire waist formal dresses worn on the red carpet.
Thinking about this I started to search trough my favorite online stores to find some inspiration.
I'll show you some of my favorites from the online store that are red carpet worthy, for me at least.
My first choice would be the black one on the first picture. You can never go wrong with black dress, and this one has such a nice cut to it, simply it is a stunner.

Spend responsibly. I'm recommending this Trendy Item to you!

Recently, some experts came out and responded that the financial crisis won’t gone away quickly and warned 
us: Spend responsibly.

But it does not work for those fashion girls who love dressing up, following the trends.
They still go out with new outfit everyday, never play with themselves "bump unlined upper garment".
However, do you really believe they wore each clothes only once?
They can do that because they have one item that can goes well with anything

I visited many fashion websites, such as Lookbook, Blogspot, Youtube, etc. Finally, I found this item you must have! No matter what you wear inside, as long as you put on this one, your fashion feeling will be improved greatly.

This is an Offwhite oversized tribal cardigan, featuring open front, shawl collar, ribbed trimming, wide batwing sleeves. Black unique geometric Aztec pattern on a knit wool-blend base.
The relaxed open front and loose fit lend this style a sense of ease. This way, you can keep warm while still relatively looking stylish without adding the extra bulk of a sweatshirt or jacket.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love Pastels


Click on the little images for info on the products.

The spring is coming and the top trend for it will be pastel colors.
Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific wears them so good, that made me look for similar pieces to recreate the look.
And where to turn to if I want to put together a romantic look, than in the amazing Inlovewithfashion store.
They have so many choices for pastel outfits, starting from play-suits than dresses, jumpsuits and last but not least trousers.
Go over to their store and find your own inspiration. May it will be florals? Who knows?