Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Empire waist formal dress

With the Oscars being all around the media, you find yourself thinking about those brilliant empire waist formal dresses worn on the red carpet.
Thinking about this I started to search trough my favorite online stores to find some inspiration.
I'll show you some of my favorites from the online store that are red carpet worthy, for me at least.
My first choice would be the black one on the first picture. You can never go wrong with black dress, and this one has such a nice cut to it, simply it is a stunner.

This one is more on the romantic side, following the spring season of pastel colors. It goes really nice trough the line of your back, highlighting your waist. And the waist and shoulder details really make this one a beauty.

This coral one reminds me of the one Lupita Nyong'o was wearing, all floathy and princesy. 

Watching the golden embroidery details I'm starting to change my mind about the black one being my favorite. Yep it is changed, this one is definitely my favorite.

I'm wrapping this up with this gorgeous royal blue dress. Royal blue dresses always deserve respect, for being fabulous.

Little info about the store. provides hundreds of dedicated dresses for global buyers, to over 230 countries worldwide.
 They also boast over 10 million product listings from their factory. On, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at very low prices. In addition, their customers can also enjoy the custom made items.
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  1. The coral dress is my favorite, by far!

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  3. Those empire waist dresses are so pretty and elegant. There is no double that empire waist will become the trend of the year.
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