Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween dolls.
I'm not showing you a Halloween costume today but rather a Halloween inspired outfit.
And yeah the colors are a pumpkin one, orange and black.
I'm wearing total Romwe outfit with Oasap bag and Zara boots.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Never enough leather

As promised here is my outfit with the Quiz Clothing jacket and Oasap boots I showed you in the previous post.
One can never have enough leather clothing items. At least that is my motto.
They are such a timeless pieces, and always the highlight of an outfit whether the item in question is a jacket, leggings, shorts, dress, boots.... the list is endless.
Since I want to wear more romantic/classy outfits, adding a leather jacket (or anything leather really) gives a cool kinda rebellious vibe to the whole outcome.
Or as in the case it is just as perfect with simple jeans and sweater for a cozy fall afternoon.

Oasap Giveaway Winner

Oasap cardigan giveaway has ended and the winner is...(drum roll)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New In | QuizClothing leather jacket & Oasap boots

Black leather jacket is such a rad piece to wear with any outfit.
I think everyone should have at least one cool biker jacket in their wardrobe.
Although I already do own one(shorter on the waist, almost crop) I was in need for a longer one for the colder days to come. I found this perfect leather coat in the amazing UK based QuizClothing online shop here.
I will combine it mostly with my new Oasap black boots. You can buy the boots or anything else from the store with this special 18% off coupon: YPN5BCAI.
Stay tuned for tomorrows outfit post with this two cool items.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Trench Coat Series: Trench Vest

As promised today we are continuing the trench coat series with the trench vest piece.
I'm especially in love with this piece since it has been a great trend for few seasons now, but I must say I never had the guts to buy it, until now obviously. It was totally out of  my comfort zone, and there was even time when I thought, "what is the purpose of a long vest", and that I would always go for a full sleeved coat instead of a vest. But as my style evolves along with my opinions for some pieces that before were a total no-no, I began to see that I was missing out. Now my opinion about this piece of clothing is completely changed and for a good reason. It makes every outfit look soo cool and out of the ordinary and also it is a perfect piece for layering when the weather is a but warmer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Trench Coat Series: Trench Dress

Fall season is the trench coat season.
Few days back I got the most versatile trench coat I have ever owed. It is consisted of two parts and can be worn in four different ways: vest, dress, short coat, full trench coat. That is why I'm starting this trench coat series on the blog showing you all the different ways to wear trench pieces this season.
Today we are starting with the trench dress. Many seasons back I've seen fashionistas wearing trench coat as a dress on the fashion weeks, and I always wanted to try the trend. Because of the colder weather I combined it with a black turtle neck long sleeved top, but for warmer weather I would have missed that part. Also the black slingback booties and the black bag were a nice compliment to the whole outfit.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oasap Cardigan Giveaway

This fall the awesome OASAP team has been very generous towards you my dolls, my lovely committed followers.
This time they are giving you the chance to WIN a statement fall piece - a cardigan.
You have the chance to chose from the three items listed below:

1. Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan
2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan

You have all the simple rules in the rafflecopter below.
The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and it will last 7 days.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Givenchy and macaroons

Sweet sweet Monday with some macaroons and new Givenchy make-up.
Do you guys want a smoky eyes make up tutorial?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sheinside Annual Shopping Carnival

 Sheinside is offering great deals starting now until January 3-rd 2015.
So be sure to check out the deals and find the one that has your favorite items on sale or shop with special discount codes.
You have 30% off with coupon code: preh30, until 26-th of October use it on the items here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's so fluffy

Fall reminds me of coziness, warmth, comfortableness.
This are the qualities I'm looking for in a fall outfit. I'm sure you want the same thing too.
This sweater has all those qualities and the cute color is just a plus.
I combined this fluffiness with an A-line leather skirt and over the knee boots, for that doll effect.
I hope you guys like it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

White blazer

Hello dolls.
Here we are again with another fall outfit, this time in black and white.
If you ever doubt what color combo you can never go wrong with, this is the one to watch.
It really helps when you are out of inspirations. Black leggings, white top, and white blazer, it is that simple. You can add a little twist with some fun shoes (like my Zara slingback booties) or a bag in a statement color.

Sponsored by: The Watch Buyers Group

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lace meets leather

Hi dolls.
Today I'm showing you bit more dramatic look for me. I usually don't pair romantic dresses with rock vibe, but this time it felt just right. After all the fashion is all about experimenting, and our style is allowed to evolve as we do, right!?
I gt this dress at the Wal-G online store where there are some pretty awesome pieces just like this one.
I don't know if you have noticed but I'm also wearing hair extensions here. This is my first time wearing hair extensions, and I must say I really like the effect they are giving. I'm not all about wearing them on a daily basis, but having them for special moments like weddings, or for some special shooting, they really do give the fullness I need in my hair.
I got them from the Hairtrade online store, and they are a 100% real human hair, and also I managed to chose the color just like my own. I bet you guys didn't even noticed a difference(color wise), except for the fullness they gave to my hair.
Have you guys tried wearing hair extensions? What is your experience?