Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lace meets leather

Hi dolls.
Today I'm showing you bit more dramatic look for me. I usually don't pair romantic dresses with rock vibe, but this time it felt just right. After all the fashion is all about experimenting, and our style is allowed to evolve as we do, right!?
I gt this dress at the Wal-G online store where there are some pretty awesome pieces just like this one.
I don't know if you have noticed but I'm also wearing hair extensions here. This is my first time wearing hair extensions, and I must say I really like the effect they are giving. I'm not all about wearing them on a daily basis, but having them for special moments like weddings, or for some special shooting, they really do give the fullness I need in my hair.
I got them from the Hairtrade online store, and they are a 100% real human hair, and also I managed to chose the color just like my own. I bet you guys didn't even noticed a difference(color wise), except for the fullness they gave to my hair.
Have you guys tried wearing hair extensions? What is your experience?

Outfit details: dress: Wal-G | hair extensions: Hairtrade | jacket: Martofchina | booties: Zara | bag: Guess

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Outfit details:
 dress: Wal-G
 hair extensions: Hairtrade
 jacket: Martofchina
 booties: Zara
 bag: Guess


  1. I love that outfit. You have done a great work here.
    Also these shoes look amazing.


  2. piękna sukienka, i ta ramoneska robi robote :)
    pozdrawiam cieplutko ;)

  3. really love this look! the contrast between the leather and the cute dress really makes the outfit!


  4. The extensions look great on you. I love those boots!

  5. jesteś niesamowicie fotogeniczna! pięknie wychodzisz na zdjęciach.
    Co do stylizacji, bardzo mi się podoba. Połączenie delikatnej sukienki z czarną skórą jest świetne :)

  6. wow! sweety you look amazing! lovely;-)

  7. Wyglądasz genialnie, sama nie wiem co mi się bardziej podoba :)