Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chicwish Red Scarlet Dress

This came in the mail same days ago, and I absolutely love it. The color is so beautiful, but the fitting is little big on the upper side, so I'm planning on some tailoring before I show it to you as an outfit. It also has a little bows on the shoulders that are absolutely cute. The dress is from this online shop Chicwish I recently discovered, and they have some really good stuff for affordable prizes. I really loved this return and exchange card that came whit it, it was so fancy and cute, with this well written message on it.I LOVE it.

And also another great news from Romwe, they have sale for the best sellers category here. You can get 15% discount for orders over $60. It is valid through 21st of October.  And here is the discount code:
  • Code:  best15%

Thanks for reading lovelies 

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  1. These dress has a very pretty a-line to it! Great color.


  2. great dress honey, i really love itt


  3. How beautiful, chic and glamorous is this dress? It has such a lovely and timeless color! You have great taste, and I'm so glad I've discovered your lovely blog! I'm following you to see more :)

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  4. lovely red dress :x


  5. love this dress and you style so pretty and simple. please check mine out