Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leather skirt

I got this skirt from Romwe a week ago and I Love it. It seems like leather skirts are so popular this season, and now I know why. This one it's so comfy, it goes with everything, and it is a perfect fit. I wore it with a cream sweater also this week, I know it's a lot twice in a week but what can I do it looks amazing. I will show you those pictures in another post.

Also I got my skull shirt from Romwe today, and after 5 rough days it was the only thing that got me to smile. I love it when the post men comes to my door with a package for me.
Also another great thing about this brand that I'm going to tell you about is their new Facebook contest “Join Romwe Official Fashion Bloggers in 2013”

Win big (up to $130 in freebies!) and become an official Romwe Fashion Blogger.

Here are the contest details:
$100 in freebies for 3 lucky winners!  Awards are for bloggers with the most “likes”, most “fans” and best style.

Definitely will get $30 in freebies once you got 2000 fans on your Facebook page(Invalid to existing Romwe bloggers).
Meanwhile you have the chance to be Romwe Official Fashion Blogger (Means free clothes direct from our new product lines every month and style ROMWE fashion).
Additional prizes:
1.) The Top Likes Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
2.) The Strongest Influence Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
3.) The Best Style Girl Award: 1 winner, $100 in freebies
How to get at least $30 in freebies:
1. Gender: female Ages: 15-35
2. Fans of your Facebook page are 2000 or more
3. Upload a photo of you, be clear
4. Fill in all the information correctly in this contest

For more details please click HERE:
Valid dates: 11.12 – 11.30.2012

What I'm wearing:
skirt-Romwe buy here

Thanks for reading lovelies 

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  1. i absolutely love leather skirts! yours is amazing! by the way i followed your gorgeous blog! do you think you could check out mine & maybe follow or just leave a comment. would love to hear from you!

    1. Thanks darling i would certainly check out your blog.
      <3 Dosta

  2. Love the leather skirt! I got some faux leather shorts last year and couldn't be happier. It just is such a timeless classic, not to mention it looks really edgy.

    1. I love it to. I'm also thinking about getting some leather shorts, thanks for the comment.
      <3 Dosta

  3. I love love love that skirt!

  4. That skirt is soo cool!
    Thanks for introducing to competition:)

  5. Great outfit,love the skirt.