Thursday, August 14, 2014

Leather jacket

With the autumn being just around the corner, I started thinking of getting ready for the autumn season, clothing wise.
I've noticed that online shopping and blogging have changed my shopping habits. How, you say? Well, when I wasn't introduced to online shopping and my shopping was 100% from local stores, I have never ever bought autumn or winter piece in summer. or summer piece in winter. I don't know exactly what has brought this habit of mine, maybe the fact that online stores get equipped with next season items way earlier than local stores, or the fact that the shipping process (if you don't want to over pay for express shipping) usually takes up to three weeks and I want to have the item just in time.
That being said, I went for an early hunt for the perfect leather jacket. One piece I know I will need this autumn for sure (since the one I had got burned on the sleeve by my flat iron, but that's another story :)).
I went searching in one of the secure well known stores I had shopped earlier- Mart of China, and had great experience with, and I couldn't believe I found it. You know some times you imagine some piece of clothing you want to find but you know it is just not statistically possible to find that exact item, since it's only in your imagination, or you saw it only once worn by some random girl on the internet and there is no way you will find that same one. Well this time that was not the case; in your face probability...
 Happy ending to this story, now I have the perfect leather jacket with all the zips and puffs I wanted.
The shipping only took 3 weeks, and the fit is perfect.
Head over to the store maybe you'll find your perfect, long lasting fashion item.

Outfit details: leather jacket: Mart of China | heels: Stradivarius | shorts: local store (similar here)

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Outfit details:
 leather jacket: Mart of China
heels: Stradivarius
shorts: local store (similar here)


  1. fantastic look!
    photos are marvelous!

  2. kurteczka rewelacja;)
    mam prośbę, kliknęłabyś mi w linki będę bardzo wdzięczna !:)
    pozdrawiam ;)

  3. Very cool Style, love this Look!! The Leather Jacket is GREAT

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  4. The leather jacket gives the outfit that cool and rocky touch. Love it!