Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to wear all black outfit

Today we are going to talk of the ways to pull off all black outfit, and still not to look like you are going to a funeral. 
Lets begin:
1. Have blonde hair, just kidding, but I just love how all black outfit looks so cool with blonde hair.

2. Add color to your lips and nails, nude lip is just not an option with all black outfit. Because the black color will make your face look more pale than it actually is.

3. Wear statement colored bag. The most obvious one, but still worth reminding of.

4. If the bag is also black put some flowers in it, or just tie a scarf on it to add a little color.

5. Wear colored shoes. This is the one I chose today to spice my all black outfit, and well also number two.

Do you have any tips on how to wear all black look?
Please do share.

Outfit details: shoes: Asos | jacket: Martofchina | leggings: Romwe | sweater: Romwe

Outfit details: 
shoes: Asos 
 jacket: Martofchina 
leggings: Romwe  
sweater: Romwe