Friday, June 20, 2014

Beauty Bits {Estee Lauder x Michael Kors blush)

Lets talk some beauty today dolls.
I've recently got some Estee Lauder items thanks to Ema over at (check out her blog, she always has some amazing giveaways).
I've been having them for a month now, because I really wanted to try them out first before I can make any review on the products.
This is the first time for me trying out this brand, and I've heard great deal about them, and the rumors seams to be true from my experience.

First lets start with the item I love most of them, the Deluxe Blush Compact(similar here) limited edition in collaboration with Michael Kors. This blush palette has three shades 06 Hot Sienna Satin (left), 03 Electric Pink Satin (middle), 10 Lover's Blush Shimmer (right).
The first shade, the left one I use it for contouring, the middle one as a blush, and the right one as a bronzer. So this palette has everything you need for your cheek bones :), it gives such a fresh look to your face and it does not feel heavy at all. So, for you who want to achieve a younger look this is the palette for you.

Second, and favorite from the skin care products is the Advanced Night Repair. This is "the holy grail" to skin care, believe me. In just a few weeks of using it your skin looks younger, your pores are diminished, and your skin will look so radiant it's even unbelievable. I'm using it every night, just a few drops on a clear skin. I've read somewhere that you can mix a drop or two in your foundation to achieve a more fresh look during a whole-day make up look.

The third one is the Revitalizing Supreme Eye Balm. I use this also every night in combination with the Advanced Night Repair, an I can say that I have noticed a difference in my under eye area. I don't have problems with dark circles but I do have with under-eye puffiness. You can notice the difference even in the pictures on my blog from a month before and the most recent ones, that the puffiness is mostly reduced.
So I highly recommend this product also.

From the skin care products the one that is left is the Day Wear BB cream.
You'll get and instant even toned healthy look. The coverage is solid based on that it is only a BB cream, but it is perfect for super hot summer days, even more so of the high SPF of 35.

And last but not least this cute travel size Pure White Linen perfume. The main notes are grapefruit, mandarin and raspberry. I mostly love fresh perfumes, and this one is just that, fresh kinda sweet smell. It smells way better on your skin than just from the bottle.