Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What to wear on casual weekend?

I was just thinking about what should i wear this weekend? We are going to the lake in the town next to ours, and I was thinking of something light, casual, and peacefully colorful.
I was searching for an inspiration online, and found this amazing online place Motilo where you can select your favorite pieces from the store and make yourself a beautiful style collage from the pieces you think go best together. Driven by the key elements I was looking for in this outfit, casual and peacefully colorful, I put together this example of a perfect casual outfit.
I think the Gucci sandals go perfectly with that strapped top.
What do you guys think about my creation?
What is the style that you would create?

For my fellow bloggers: Motilo is the perfect platform for bloggers looking to style their favorite products into bespoke style content adding a unique visual element to fashion posts.
- Refresh your wardrobe with expert advice
- Create, style and shop with other members
- Ask a question and get answers from Motilo community
Go on the the site and find your own inspiration.