Thursday, June 19, 2014

Romper Love + DxMAll Giveaway Winners

I have developed total romper crush this summer.
Remember my romper outfit from Choies here?
Well I had few more choices in mind from their romper collection I wanted to share with you dolls, just to give you a summer inspiration in this not so summery days. Is it always raining this week at your country too?
The white timeless piece is my favorite, because white equals summer right? Well not exactly, but watching pure white color and summer is instantly on my mind.
I have chosen one long sleeved and one strapped, both with lace details for some boho feel.
The one with the long sleeves is more for a summer night out, and the other one is for the long summer walks by the beach or in the local park.
Also we couldn't talk summer if we didn't include flowers also, so I picked also a strapped day option of a floral romper, and also a long sleeved one for the breezy summer nights.
Which one is your favorite? Mine is the white long sleeved one.

And now a drum-roll please, for the DxMAll giveaway winners:
1. Petra Kos
2.  Marko Gerdes
3. Rosie Areola
4. Karen Bernarte
5. Lubka Kotmanikova
Congrats to you winners, and watch out your email accounts you will get an email from the DxMall representative very soon.