Monday, June 16, 2014

New in {Nude Heels}

You know how i get excited every time i get a new pair of shoes, and show them to you right away on the blog.
I love all my other wardrobe, but the shoes are really special to me, I recently even DIY-ed a shelving system on my wall to show off my most warn and favorite pairs at the moment. I'll be showing to you this DIY soon on the blog.
I got this nice pair of nude heels over at the online store, where I got that little lilac purse also, remember? We girls are always in need, besides the classic black heels, of a good pair of nude heels that go well with everything.
The little baby blue detail on the bottom of the platform, even makes them more cute and gives them a little twist I think.
If you want to get some nice pair for you, they could be found here. The delivery is super fast, only three days, and the customer support impeccable.