Thursday, July 17, 2014

Feeling blue

I've been totally feeling blue this past week.
Maybe you have noticed by the luck of outfit posts, maybe not, but I have been.
I wanted to wear this blue skirt so that I can express my self here, and talk about those days when you are totally out of inspiration and desire to do anything.
I don't know if it was this freaky weather, being hot one hour and than rain all day, totally not common for our country in summer, or what it was but that totally left me without inspiration.
But it's ok you always find yourself in this kind of situations in life, and you got to pick yourself up.
And that is what I did, I put on some colorful clothes took pictures, despite my not so good mood.
And today I already feel better. As I'm writing this I'm getting some new ideas for posts, and that is what I was trying to tell you, if you ignore the feeling some times and keep up with the work it will go away.

Outfit details: shirt: Romwe | skirt: PersunMall | bag: Oasap | heels: Zara

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Outfit details:
 shirt: Romwe
 skirt: PersunMall 
bag: Oasap 
heels: Zara


  1. Great skirt ♥ Blue and stripes look great together !

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  2. Such a beautiful cobalt blue skirt! I adore the design!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  3. Wow, wyglądasz rewelacyjnie, tak idealnie, dla mnie :)
    Spódniczka jest boska :)

  4. Such a beautiful skirt!!! Sometimes you just have to feed the mood your in to figure out the mood you want to be in! Hope the mood stays up!

  5. PERFECT!!!! Love this Look really really much!!! So stylish and Beautiful

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  6. cute skirt!!


  7. Amazing outfit :-) xx

    NEW POST :

  8. Love your shirt! You look so lovely :))
    Have a fantastic day!

  9. This is a gorgeous skirt! We love the jacquard, and the cobalt blue is so electric and bright! We totally understand how you feel. We try not to let it get us down, but the weather can affect how we feel too! Only if it was sunny all the time :(

  10. I absolutely love your blouse, it looks lovely contrasted with the blue skirt. And the embosse look of your skirt if lovely!

    Ayesha xxx