Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to wear your romper {day to night}

Since I'm showing so much love for rompers lately on the blog, I thought why not showing you some virtual inspiration on how to wear your romper from day to night.
The one thing that got me most addicted to rompers is the comfortability part. It's just like a dress but only you don't have to worry about the summer wind showing your panties unexpectedly - big plus :).
Also imagine you can't figure out how to match your top and bottom pieces for that day, well put on some romper and you are sure that you'll match perfectly. And there is no such piece that will go from casual to classy outfit in a snap of a fingers (well not literally a snap, but there will be some involvement of shoes and bags :)).
I picked this black and white romper from the sales department over at the Quiz Clothing store. What can I do, I love summer sales.

Day version: For the day version I chose some comfortable silver slippers, nice over the shoulder bag and some silver accessories. Here I did kinda went for the classiest casual version I could (if that even exists, but you know what I mean). I don't know If it is me getting old (blah) or what, but I do tend to be classy even in day wear. Do you tend to do this?

Night version: For the night version I didn't pick the obvious simple black high heeled sandal, but I went with the white buckled cut out court shoes, the more bold choice this time. And for the finishing touches of the outfit I chose some silver accessories and little clutch bag.

Which one of the choices is most-you, the day or the night version? And if not like this, how would you style this black and white romper?