Monday, July 28, 2014

What to wear to your engagement party

Engagement party wear
I was just getting my late night shower and going in my mind through all the things I need to do this Monday, one of them getting some coffee with my recently engaged girlfriend to catch up on the story of her proposal. And than is when it hit me the inspiration to do this post for you. By the way, do you get the ideas for your next post in the most weird places/situations/moments like mine, in the shower, weird right?
Back to the theme of the post now, I don't know what is the tradition in your country but we do have an engagement parties thrown for the closest family and friends. That is a small get together, that starts in the bride to be home and than continues in the grooms home. They exchange wedding rings than, and that is a pretty special moment. In a moment like that you want to look perfect, although not that awesome as you will on your actual wedding but still you want some pretty dress that will go perfectly with that diamond engagement ring. And here it comes my help for you with a suggestion of a perfect dress for that night.
 Long, lacy, elegant!!!
By the way, what would your choice of an engagement ring be?
Mine would be something like the timeless diamond engagement rings in the picture.

Find all the ring choices in the link below the picture.

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